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Bacti + is a new member of the family

A contract was signed with the Slovak company Finecon on the general representation of their products. The first quantity of their BACTI + product has been imported. It is a bio-enzymatic preparation that serves to purify septic tanks and remove unpleasant odors. A product that has been very successfully sold throughout the EU, Great Britain, USA…

Bacti + is a unique combination of natural bacteria used for biological treatment in wastewater treatment systems – septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants, sewers, siphons, toilets, dry toilets, …

The product contains powerful strains of beneficial bacteria (billions of special bacteria) that process carbohydrates, plant materials, fats, oils and proteins.

Bacti + is safe for people, plumbing and the environment. Our product changes waste particles in water and carbon dioxide that leave the wastewater treatment system as harmless.

Principle of action

In nature, all substances of animal and plant origin are decomposed and processed into food for plants with the help of enzymes and bacteria. Bacti + uses this same bio-enzymatic principle of decomposition of animal, vegetable and even some chemical waste. Within an hour of dosing the bacteria into the wastewater treatment system, our beneficial bacteria begin to make their way into the wastewater by breaking down organic material. It is their natural food. They eat waste and spread throughout the system, cleaning it completely.

The good and bad bacteria present in the wastewater treatment system compete for a food source. Since our bacteria are superior, the bad bacteria are deprived of a food source and suppressed. The water at the exit from the system is much more hygienically clean. Occasional maintenance treatments (once a month) prevent the accumulation of new organic waste and maintain the population of healthy bacteria in the system!

Bacti + is perfect for effective and permanent removal of:

– Unpleasant odors, sediment on surfaces, untreated sludge at the bottom, malfunction of the system.
– Unpleasant smells, accumulation of excrement in external and dry toilets.
– Unpleasant smells, clogging of drainage channels, siphons and pipes in the bathroom and kitchen.

Main product features:

• A significant increase in the efficiency of wastewater treatment.
• Removal of unpleasant odors.
• Increasing the time between pumping (saves money).
• Cleaning and maintenance of drains and drainage systems (saves money).
• Safe start-up of wastewater treatment systems – new or after maintenance services.
(There is no danger of introducing bad bacteria through sludge of other origin)

Multipurpose: Application in residential and commercial buildings.