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Aquaenzym – certificates

Hradska 76
821 07 Bratislava
IČO : 357 95 247
IČ DPH : SK2020257525

as a producer issues

in accordance with Code no. 254/2003 NR SR (National Council of the Slovak Republic), with amendments to Code no. 264/1999 Z.z. on technical requirements for products and revision of compliance.

for product: AQUAENZYM
(biologically active enzyme mixture with high degradation and separation effect
organic compounds in wastewater and for improvement
wastewater characteristics)

We hereby declare that:

The above product is safe if used according to the instructions given. Appropriate measures have been taken to ensure that the new product complies with the technical documentation, the basic requirements of the authorities applicable to it, as well as with the technical documentation given in Part B.
We declare that the stated product complies with the technical requirements and specifications. According to Code 163/2001 Z.z. on chemical compounds and chemical preparations – does not contain any harmful compounds. It complies with the requirements of biodegradability according to the Code No. 184/2002 Z.z. on the discharge of waste and special water into the municipal drain, and is also in accordance with Publication no. 511/2001 Z.z. on the details of the risk assessment of chemical compounds for human life and health as well as the environmental risk assessment.

The assessment was performed in accordance with Art. 12, part 3, a) Code no.264 / 1999 Z.z.

Bratislava, May 4, 2004