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Dezanol – usage

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Health care


  • Environment, floors, surfaces, tools, instruments, clothing
  • Operating rooms and surgeries, gynecological and delivery rooms
  • Hospital wards including bedding, hygiene items, auxiliary and sanitary facilities, waiting rooms
  • Catering room, kitchen, warehouses, canteen and places where food is served, room where cooking, pots, cauldrons, kitchen utensils, cutlery, glass and porcelain
  • Complex for dry cleaning and laundry
  • In laboratory rooms, prevention of secondary infections, disinfection and sterilization of laboratory glass, blood and bacterial swabs
  • Complete balneological complexes, water treatment equipment and equipment for individual treatments
  • Incubator and room for premature babies
  • Fight epidemics regardless of the causes, until the cause is discovered

Veterinary Medicine


  • Tools, instruments and auxiliary materials, hands, medical uniforms and shoes
  • Within the complex of veterinary clinics and operating rooms
  • Constant and final disinfection in the fight against mycoses in animals
  • Disinfection of animals



  • barber and hairdressing salons
  • canteens
  • hotel and accommodation room
  • school and preschool facilities
  • spa baths, sauna, massage parlor, gym, sports fields, swimming pool, solarium
  • public transport vehicles, subways, trains, ships and air transport
  • containers and vehicles for the transport of animals, food and animal products (depending on the material)
  • warehouses
  • air conditioning (depending on the material)
  • drinking water
  • cold storage
  • disinfection after natural disasters (disinfection of contaminated water, housing, land, clothing, people)
  • technological equipment can be used as spare equipment for disinfection when there is a problem of microbiological water pollution

Food industry and agriculture


  • Within the complex of the food industry, the frozen food industry
  • Within the complex of production and processing of meat, milk, poultry, fish, eggs, game, vegetables and fruits
  • In viticulture
  • Greenhouses
  • Plants

Residential and non-residential premises


  • kitchen – all washable surfaces and floors
  • bathroom, shower, bathtub, toilet
  • piping system, siphon
  • moldy walls
  • door handle, handrails on stairs
  • apartments, room after illness
  • places with a large migration of people
  • toys