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AQUAENZYM® is a biologically active mixture of four types of enzymes (lipase, protease, amylase and hemicellulose), with a high effect of decomposition and fragmentation of organic compounds (animal and vegetable fats, starch, carbohydrates, feces, cellulose) into light fatty acids, compounds with residue carbon and glycerol, which are then simply degraded by a biological purification process.

Instantly binds impurities (can be used in factories, for running water).

It is an advantage for non-stop plants.

  • due to its action, the creation of unpleasant odors is significantly reduced
  • it is suitable for maintaining the sewer and preventing its clogging
  • it is also used to reduce the volume of sediment and the amount of fat, dilute septic tanks, break the so-called ‘fat plug’ in septic tanks, for overflow vessels
  • significantly reduces the parameters of wastewater (COD – oxygen from the chemical industry, BOD – oxygen from the biochemical industry, fats, undissolved solids, extracted solids…)

The use of this product allows wastewater to achieve the values specified by regulations. This method of water treatment does not cause a problem in wastewater treatment plants where enzymes improve the separation characteristics of activated sludge and reduce the possibility of fibrous mold formation and improve the biocenosis. Solids move upwards and water is better separated in the sedimentary residue.

Wastewater from production, due to the application of this enzyme preparation, receives the quality required by the relevant regulations.

Improves biocenosis.

Wastewater treatment plants decompose biological phosphorus better, and the value of oxygen at the outlet of the chemical industry meets the requirements of the specification.