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What is Anticalc?

ANTICALC® is physical water modifier.

It is intended for the modification of drinking and technological water. The goal is to prevent the formation of hard and soft deposits in pipelines, water taps, heaters, technological systems, etc.

Work without energy and without presence.
The device does not require, after installation, any energy for reliable operation (works without connecting to a power source).
It works without the need for presence or maintenance during lifespan.

Unlimited lifespan.
If the device is not mechanically damaged, its lifespan is not limited.

The device works without the use of chemicals.

Small size and easy installation.
Installation is done using standard threads G ½ “, G ¾” or G 1 “. The small size allows the device to be installed in existing plumbing.

The technology used is a guarantee of high efficiency and reliability.
Each device is checked several times during its installation.
The check is performed before delivery, which should guarantee the functionality and quality of the product.

Two types of ANTICALC® are intended for water modification. It is desirable to install the device on the main supply pipe, directly at the entrance to the building, which will ensure the protection of the entire cold and hot water lines in the building. If ANTICALC® is installed before water heaters, such as water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, etc., only this appliance will be protected.

As already mentioned in the table of technical parameters, the device can be installed in a pipe from ½ “to 1”.For modification of hot water (80 ° C), for example in heating circulation systems and the like, type PT 20 MM ANTICALC® can be used.

Table of ANTICALC device parameters

W-M.H.D. 436 3 P 20 MM PT 20 MM