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Anticalc – usage

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ANTICALC® can be used to modify process and drinking water. The device prevents the deposition of solid stones in pipelines, water taps, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers and other technological devices for the transmission and heating of water.

Prolonged use of modified water with ANTICALC® technical devices gradually dissolves existing deposits. The devices are completely free of scale in a few months.

Water modified with the ANTICALC® device becomes soft, resulting in savings of detergents, surfactants and soaps of up to several tens of percent.

Since it is a physical modification, which does not remove the elements from the water, but preserves them with a changed structure, water modified in this way can also be used for drinking. Drinking modified water has a positive effect on the functioning of the human body and supports the healing of some skin diseases.

Modified water used for irrigation has a positive effect on vegetation growth.

The device is usable in:

  • houses or flats – boilers, geyser-boilers, washing machines, water taps, dishwashers, shower jets, electric kettles, steam irons, dishes, heating boilers, central heating, toilets, lower energy consumption,
  • pools, fountains – additional protection against algae growth and savings in chemicals,
  • health care – protection of heating spirals in water distillers, protection of nozzles in sanitary facilities (eg in dentistry), positive effect on the human body,
  • agriculture – protection of nozzles and pipes in irrigation devices; additional savings in fertilizers, greater resistance of plants to pests, increase in crops by 10-20%.

Industrial usage:

  • protection of liquid heating and cooling facilities (water, steam, oil);
  • in heat exchangers – hot water tanks, valves, pipes, etc.,
  • at pumps – overall protection and, in particular, potential use in car washes;
  • protection of circuits with constant current flow, e.g. central heating, air conditioning, cooling circuit of air and liquid pumps;
  • protection of washing lines (eg for bottles and other glassware);
  • protection of industrial fillers (beverages), cans

The ANTICALC housing is made of recyclable materials.

The device is delivered in a protective box with a description of the device, its technical parameters and a letter of guarantee. It is necessary to avoid strong shocks and dropping of the device during its transport and installation. The impact can dislocate a specially formed and placed magnetic field and thus reduce the efficiency of the device.

Cold water pipelines

  • lower energy consumption
  • better water flow in pipes

Hot water pipelines

  • lower energy consumption
  • better water flow

Water taps

  • extended service life (up to 50%)

Washing machines

  • extended service life (up to 50%)
  • 30% detergent savings
  • reducing energy consumption

Toilet cistern

  • no renewal, no repair


Boilers – heating

  • reduction of energy consumption (30%)
  • extended service life (up to 50%)

Electric kettle

  • guaranteed service life by the manufacturer

Steam irons

  • guaranteed service life by the manufacturer

Water heating – boilers

  • reduction of energy consumption reaches 30%
  • extended service life


  • extended service life (up to 50%)
  • 50% savings in detergents and salts
  • reducing energy consumption


  • extended lifespan


  • savings in fertilizers
  • higher yield
  • better plant resistance to pests


  • preventing the growth of algae
  • chemical savings

Construction industry

  • better concrete quality