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About us

We care about nature - all our products are environmentally friendly

“EKO AQUA SYSTEM” D.O.O. was founded in 2010 as a mixed company with the Slovak company “AQUASYSTEM” S.R.O. Bratislava.

The main activity of the company is research and production of products in the field of disinfection and wastewater treatment.

Our main products are:

DEZANOL is a certified product that certainly destroys COVID-19 – see the test

All products are the result of many years of research and as such have certificates from authorized institutions in EU countries, and now in Serbia.

Our greatest success is that all our products are completely environmentally friendly and that there are no side effects after their use, both on people and nature.

The application of products is in various areas such as: health institutions, dentistry, veterinary medicine, agriculture, production and sale of food and beverages, utilities, public transport, disinfection after natural disasters and many others.