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Electrolyzed water cures even anthrax

Scientists have once again proved that plain water is the best medicine for everyone.

Electrolyzed water is exactly what can be deduced from the name – ordinary water with the addition of salt, which is subjected to low-voltage electrolysis. Under the influence of voltage, salt molecules change their properties and become better detergents than any purchased cleaning or disinfectant. It is strong enough to kill even the causes of anthrax without any consequences for people and the environment.

This kind of water is ten times better than bleach in killing bacteria and is completely safe – says Jen-Con Hung, a professor who has been studying electrolyzed water for ten years.

But there are a couple of problems that prevent the even wider use of miracle water. Electrolyzed water quickly loses its properties and cannot be stored for long. The same water has been used for a long time in Russia for disinfection of oil wells, the Japanese fill swimming pools with that water so as not to use chlorine, and here in Europe it is used for cleaning heavy fats.

Many are still skeptical of electrolyzed water because it sounds too good to be true.

Source Blic online